Rianto : Indonesian Dancer,Choreographer

Indonesian Dancer,Choreographer,Rianto's Bolg
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Dewandaru Dance Studio (DDS)
Dewandaru Dance Studio, which is located in Japan was founded in April 2006 by Rianto to teach Javanese dance and spread Javanese culture in Japan. DDS also has a mission of educating Japanese society about the history of Javanese dance, as well as furthering its development in a different and unique environment. It is our constant endeavor to create, explore and validate our own humanity through dance.
The first production of Dewandaru Dance Studio has been Pintu Amaterasu which performed in January 2007 in Surakarta, Indonesia at Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah as well Teater Utan Kayu in Jakarta, the piece will again perform in Kao Hsiung Taiwan in July, 2007.
Before its inception, the members of DDS were long time affiliates of Gamelan Lambangsari in Tokyo, collaborating at events or teaching workshops at universities such as Shobi University, Daito Buka University and various other studios in Japan.
DDS also offers courses in dance to adults and children teaching a variety of Javanese dances, including Solo, Mangkunegaran Palace , Banyumas, East Java and Sundanese style dances. When operating in Indonesia, our studio’s goal is to emphasize the creation of uniquely modern Javanese works, which gain their inspiration from classical and traditional dance.