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Biography バイオグラフィー

Rianto (Director,dancer,choreographer of Dewandaru Dance Company)

Rianto mastered the traditional dance of Banyumas called “Lengger” while studying at SMKI (Sekolah Menengah Karawitan Indonesia from 1997-2000). He learned the Javanese traditional dances of Gagah and Alus under Mr. Daryono and the court dance in Istana Mangkunegaran. He graduated from the Academy of Dance of STSI (ISI: Institut Seni Indonesia) Surakarta (Solo) in 2004.

In 2005-2007,Rianto was a member of TBS Dance Theatre Studio in Solo and participated in the works of Korean choreographer Sen Hea Ha in Ujiengbou,Seoul, Singapore, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria.He has mamber of Orange Blossom Dance Company and performed monteverdi's of Orfeo in Schubert Theatre in Boston-USA (2006) and The Coronation Of Poppea in London Coliseum (2007) with English National Opera.

He received an Arts Network Asia grant to present his own choreographic works “Pintu Amaterasu” at Young Choreographer Project 2007 in kaoshiung-Taiwan, and his works continue performed at Cak durasim Festival-Surabaya,Contemporary Dance Market(PASTACOM 2008) Riau-Sumatra,and Emerging Choreographer at  Indonesian Dance Festival 2008 with his work “Rousoku”.

He was also one of delegate Indonesian choreographers at World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific in Singapore in 2007 with his works “Rousoku”. In February 2009, Rianto was invited by the Indonesian Embassy and Santi Budaya LCCD,to choreograph and dance in the reception of the inaugural ceremony of US President-elect Barack Obama in Washington, D.C.

Rianto has also appeared as a guest artist in Gulliver & Swift and Garibaba stange's World by Japanese dance company Pappa TARAHUMARA in Tokyo,Kyoto and Indonesia.Rianto was invited by Nottle Theatre Company,Korea and in Recidence for a month with his work “ Yakuza moon” in october 2009. He has choreographed “Hallucination” (TPAM Showcase 2010) and multicultural work “Pintu Amaterasu” (KLPAC-Malaysia 2010).He was collaboration with Keiko Nakano at works “yumme” in Tokyo metropolitan theatre.

He has work at Trans Studio Bandung (Indonesian Thempark)in April-june 2010 as Choreographer for “ legend of the Princes”(Legenda Putra Mahkota),the new of contemporary dance works based on traditional javanese puppet of his works is “Shadowing the Body”, performed at Lanjong Arts Festival-Kalimantan Timur,Male Matters and Fourth Nartaka Dance Festival (2010),Dhauli kalingga mahotsav 2011-Orissa, India (December 2011).The first of January 2012 he also performed a work “ Victims of the full moon” at Srawung Seni Candi in Sukuh Tample,central java. He is currently the Director of the Dewandaru Dance Company of Tokyo,for Indoesian Friendship Culture between Indonesia and Japan.


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CV Rianto


Founder, Director Dewandaru Dance Company, Tokyo


2000 - 2004  Institute of Performing Arts, Solo (STSI) B.F.A. Dance

Dance Training       

2005 - Mangkunegaran Palace until now


2000    Choreography prizeBorobudur international festival 

2001    First prize at Yogyakarta Festival of Traditional Dance and


2000    Certificate of Excellence from National Council of Education,

Central Java 

1999   Recipient of Certificate for Juru Beksa dance from the King and

Royal Family of Solo

Dance and Choreography Experience



- 4-12 juni    Garibaba strang world's Work with Pappatarahumara Dance

                   Theatre Company Tokyo,Japan Performance in Sositet 

                   Yogyakarta and TIM Jakarta.Indonesia

-12 April      Choreographer/Dancer Ritual Lengger at world and music

  ethnic in Spirall Hall Tokyo,Japan

-28 marc       Sun and Moon collaboration with Noh theatre Mr.Suzuki in 


-2-3 feb        Song of Body,with Danang pamungkas performance in

Salihara Jakarta,Indonesia

-17-20 jan    Choreographer/dancer at inauguration of Barrak Obama in 

                   Washinton DC. At Gala Dinner Black tie


-16 Nov       Choreographer “Pintu Amaterasu”at Cak Durasim Festival in 


-27 ock,       Choreographer “Rousoku”on Emerging Choreographer at

                   Indonesian Dance Festival in Jakarta,Indonesia

-9-12 oct,     “Gulliver and Swift” collaboration with Pappatarahumara

                   dance theatre company director Hiroshi Koike Tokyo Japan

-8 august,     Choreographer “Pintu Amaterasu” at Pastakom(Pasar

                      Tari Kontemporer)Riau-Indonesia

-20-21 july,     Choreographer “Healing” and “ pintu Amaterasu “ at 

                      TBS of Surakarta-Indonesia

-24 feb,           Coreographer “New Spirit of Indonesia”collaboration with

                      Santi Budaya Dance in Embassy of Indonesia Washington 

-06 feb,           “wayang” collaboration with Nusantara Dance Company,

                       in Nottingham United  Kingdom


-oct-nov,        Monteverdi’s The Coronation Of Popea Director 

                     by Chen Shi Zheng with English National Opera(ENO) at

                     London Coliseum 

 -28-30 july,   Choreographer “Pintu Amaterasu” at 2007 Young 

                     Choreographer Project In Taiwan. 

 -09 jun,         Choreographer“Rousoku” at World Dance Alliance

                     Asia-Pasific Singapore. 

 -28 jan-1 feb, Choreographer- Pintu Amaterasu at Sketsa Tari bulan

                      Ganjil in TBJT Surakarta and Utan Kayu Theatre 

                      Infinita in collaboration with Sen Hea Ha and

                      TBS Dance Theatre StudiO in Europe


- Monteverdi’s Orfeo choreographed by Chen Shi Zheng

 organisation by Haden& Handel at the Shubert Theatre in Boston

-“Infinita”TBS dance theatre  Studio at Concert Gebouw in

 Brugge Belgium.

-A Prayer For Refuge work Sen Hea Ha in Utan Kayu

 Theatre Jakarta.

-Infinita and Bebrayan in collaboration with Sen Hea Ha,


-Lenggeran at International Youth Conference, Solo

-Choreographer- Blue Moon collaboration project suara in Uplink 

  Factory, Tokyo Japan.

-Workshop Instructor- Javanese traditional dance in Tokyo       

-Performance Asia & Iwate Genki Festa, Japan.


-Workshop Instructor- Javanese traditional dance in several studios.

-Choreographer- Diatas Langit Masih Ada Langit Tokyo Japan

-Clasical Klono mask dance at South Asian dance performance


-Wahyu in collaboration with Sen Hea Ha at Ujiengbu Musi


-Festival and at Modafe in Korea and Singapore Art Mart.      

-Choreographer- Misteri lengger Banjarwaru at regional art mission

 in TMII                     

-Choreographer- Kontrang Kantring Kubur collaboration 

 with artist at the Yogyakarta art Festival

-Choreographer- Rousoku 3 at Sketsa Tari Bulan Ganjil in TBJT


-Choreographer- Rousoku 2 in Teater Kecil Surakarta.

-Lenggeran in collaboration with Pring Sedapur at the

 International Cross Gender Performance, Yogyakarta.

-Choreogrpaher-Opera Lengger Sintren at The World AIDS day


-The Journey Of Spirit by Yukio Waguri, Buto performance

 in Yogyakarta.

-Dance Instructor- Sebelas Maret University for German Choral


-Choreographer- Pancuran Kapit Sendang, Yogyakarta Art Festival.


-Choreographer- Rousoku and harmonis at Monday Movement in 

  Kedai Kebun Yogyakarta.

-Choreographer-Rousoku 1 at Young Choreographer Festival in TBJT


-Choreographer- Hitotsu and Lengger Ilang at Solo dance

  contemporary dance 

-Spring In Solo, work by Hiroshi Papa Tara Humara at Teater Besar 

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